Welcome to the Illyriad Institute, a place where you can find information to aid you in your journey through Illyriad in one handy location.

While there are links to various guides for new players available on this site, the assumption is that if you have made it this far, you have survived your first few days in the game and already have some understanding of the game. Under Tutorials, you will find basic information on how to navigate the many aspects of Illyriad as well as links to more advanced knowledge, and External Resources contains tools and websites run and created by other players.


22 January 2017: Updated information on the alliance listing and added link on the military tutorial page.

6 November 2015: Updated information on the alliance listing.

24 October 2015: Added link to spreadsheet containing data for all buildings to City Building page.

26 September 2015: Corrected the additional resources link on the military tutorial page.

21 September 2015: Added link to spreadsheet with chat codes/unit stats to the relevant pages.

14 March 2015: Added/updated the following pages:

Population Requirements and Exodus
Terrain Modifiers

2 January 2015: Updated information in the alliance list.

15 December 2014: Added building lists for military, diplomat and trade/crafting specialisations.